Woot Woot! Nutrition to go with workouts! Get to your goals!

By Nina Whitefield | In News | on April 1, 2022

Hi Ladies!
It’s so important to eat healthy with workouts to get to your goals! Let me know any questions you have!
I do have samples of the shakes & bars for those who are interested in purchasing. Please email back if you want to try any first! Thank you! Nina 🙂

EXTRA NUTRITION –>I use all of these whole food products JUICE PLUS WHOLE FOOD PRODUCTS – Shakes, Bars, Gummies, Capules & Omegas! Feel better! Make sure you are getting enough fruits and veggies daily, it’s so important!! All products are made with fruits and veggies and taste great too! They are also gluten free and dairy free! I have tried everything out there in my 16 years of training and this is the best!
Everyone in the family can use it too! Email me back with questions!
Here is a link to look at everything and PLACE AN ORDER! It will get shipped to your door step 🙂 Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle – JuicePlus+

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