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Woot Woot! ONLINE – Women’s fitness! – Nina’s Fitness

By Nina Whitefield | In Classes, Gym, News | on November 16, 2020

Woot Woot! ONLINE – Women’s fitness online!

KEEP CALM & WOOT ON! – Nina’s Fitness 🙂

Woot Woot! Lots of fun workouts for all fitness levels! For all ladies near and far are welcome to join!

*Workout with me from home! Get to your goals! 🙂

*Workouts to do daily with me! All you need is you! Total body woot camps! All kinds of workouts I teach!

(Workouts are pre-recorded so you can do the workouts at the best time that works for you!)

*No worries, everyone can do these exercises! Modified exercises for all fitness levels!

*Fun workout programs as well using more equipment weights, bosu and kettlebells etc.

Join us!! Message me back to join my online group! Email to register: nina@ninasfitness.com

Excited for you to join me! Let’s workout and be happy and healthy! Email back with any questions! Thanks again! Nina 🙂

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Photos done by Theresa Brereton Photography (Milton) and Amelie Blue Photography (London)