WOOTY CAMP by Nina’s Fitness (OUTDOORS)

Hi Ladies!

What is Wooty camp? It is a women’s boot camp class for all fitness levels with workouts changing each session so you get the best results in weeks! It’s a great total body workout. Try new exercises weekly. It’s a fun fitness program to get to your goals!! Wooty camp is a mix of all my classes I have taught over the 19 years of training!! πŸ™‚ Learn great ab workouts, circuit workouts, weight workouts, leg/booty workouts and so much more!! Get excited to workout! πŸ™‚

*REGISTER THIS SUMMER/FALL 2024! – *JOIN US 1x or 2x a week! πŸ™‚ OUTDOORS!

WOOTY CAMP by Nina’s Fitness (1 hour class).

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Email: info@ninasfitness.com

*Personal training is also an option to get started too!

*You will need a yoga mat, good support running shoes and weights 5lbs or up.

Nina's Fitness, women's fitness classes Milton Ontario

Nina’s Fitness, women’s fitness classes / Milton, Ontario

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Photos done by Theresa Brereton Photography (Milton) and Amelie Blue Photography (London)