Nina Whitefield

Nina Whitefield

Hi! Can I get a WOOT WOOT? Can’t wait to meet you!!! * something we need. It balances us out! Fitness changes our lives for the better. Fitness is a positive change and step anyone can take. Getting in shape – or achieving any of your dreams – is up to you. Choose to make it happen! – Nina Whitefield/Owner of Nina’s Fitness


My name is Nina Whitefield and I have been a FULL TIME Certified Personal trainer/Fitness instructor now for 18 years – currently training in MILTON & CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO!!! 

I am the OWNER of Nina’s Fitness. I am so thankful each and everyday that I run a fitness business.

I love what I do! Fitness is my passion. It’s something that makes me happy every day and I love to share it with everyone around me.  Being fit and healthy is contagious!!!  Woot Woot!!

I have met so many great people on this fitness journey and I would like to say THANK YOU!!!

It has been such an amazing experience everyday being in the fitness industry.  I have worked so hard over the years to get here.  I have had a lot of great friends, family and clients that have supported me.

I have trained and taught in a few cities over my fitness journey…. Fort Frances, Winnipeg, London, Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph, Toronto and Milton.  I have worked for many fitness companies and have met so many great people along the way on my fitness journey!!  I have been a full-time personal trainer, fitness instructor, fitness manager, fitness boot camp instructor over all the years of training to get me here today!

I have made it to the top trainers in previous companies in different cities.

I won Fitness Instructor of the year 2010 across CANADA in Milton, Ontario!!!

I love to support great causes and have done lots of volunteer fitness work such as workout warm-ups for crowds of thousands of people in London for Relay for Life 2011 & 2012 etc.

I have had many teams in run events over the last 18 years in all different cities in Canada and some events in the US.  I love fitness events that support a good cause.  It’s great to stay fit & help out!

I have learned and tried almost all the fitness trends out there… I am always excited to teach my clients all the exercises I have learned through all the years of training and always continue to learn so they keep loving fitness and seeing the best results! I have designed all my own workouts/programs to suit everyone’s fitness needs!! Each and every workout I teach is very important for the client to enjoy it and feel like they have worked hard.  I have worked with clients to win success stories over the years for their results!! I have also helped train them for triathlons and marathons.

I am always excited to teach!! I always look forward to meeting new people.  The first step to a healthy fit lifestyle is tough!! But I do encourage you to take it because it will change your life! It changed mine and so many others!! 

Woot Woot!!! Looking  forward to meeting you and training with you!!! Nina 🙂



Photos done by Theresa Brereton Photography (Milton) and Amelie Blue Photography (London)