WOOT WOOT! FITNESS FEEDBACK!! Why we choose Nina’s Fitness! :)

By Nina Whitefield | In Classes, Gym, News, Outdoor | on January 2, 2023

WOOT WOOT!! FITNESS FEEDBACK!! We choose Nina’s Fitness! 🙂  WE GET RESULTS!!

*Feedback from: Mishal

Why I choose Nina’s Fitness… because Nina is a lovely trainer who is personable and relatable and tailors the workouts to my needs. She is also very flexible in accommodating to my schedule and I can’t find that level of personal service anywhere else.

My favourite workout… boxing, medicine ball, trx.

I have been training with Nina for… 1 year


*Feedback from: Elizabeth O.

Why I choose Nina’s Fitness… Get me back on track with my fitness goals in an environment where I could be held accountable while having fun! 

My favourite workout… TRX, I love how one piece of equipment can be used for so many exercises.

I have been training with Nina for… Been training for almost 8 months, it has brought me consistency in my workouts and I have been able to maintain my body weight and lose inches. Most importantly it has brought back my love for fitness and I have lots more energy!


*Feedback from: Vanessa

Why I choose Nina’s Fitness… After giving birth to my first baby, I needed to get back to working out with someone I know will modify my workouts when necessary while still kicking my butt into shape.

My favourite workout… I used to be afraid of the bosu and now I really enjoy doing kettle bells on it. It’s helping with my core strength!

I have been training with Nina for…5 years!!! She got me back into shape, ready for my wedding and is now helping me get my pre-baby fitness back!

*Feedback from: Susan D.

Why I choose Nina’s Fitness … I choose Nina because I was in desperate need to get in shape and overall just wanted to feel better. She has an amazing spirit and keeps me motivated. I am a breast cancer survivor and know how important your health is. Nina really cares for her clients!! So glad I found her!

My favourite workout… I’ve only tried the Woot camp and am loving it. Good variety, and works well for me.

I have been training with Nina for… only a month, just signed up for my second month!! I have tried many different gyms, nothing ever stuck with me. I highly recommend you try one of her classes. ———————————————————————————————————————

*Feedback from: Liz

Why I choose Nina’s Fitness… Because it works!! Every… single… time! Nina is positive, fun, and such a talented trainer who really cares about her clients getting the results they are after! Plus the company – I am working out with pretty amazing women 🙂

My favourite workout…All classes really. They all offer different workouts and challenge me in different ways which helps me not get bored!

I have been training with Nina for… On and off (between my 3 babies) for 6 years!! Nina has helped me lose all my baby weight and I will now continue to come to keep it off and maintain a healthy lifestyle! ———————————————————————————————————————

*Feedback from:  Bridget

Why I choose Nina’s Fitness…  I choose Nina fitness because I needed someone to motivate me to workout. I find it way more beneficial working out in groups (and with Nina), than working out on your own… everyone pushes each other! And I love working out outside after being inside all day at the office.

My favourite workout… My favorite workout is boxing! I love all the different workouts and circuits Nina incorporates to keep you guessing and challenged.

I have been training with Nina for… 3 months!


*Feedback from: Irene

 Why I choose Nina’s Fitness… I choose Nina’s Fitness because I get results. And not only do I get results but I get to do it while having fun with some pretty fabulous ladies.

My favourite workout…I love the Superwomen Circuit…with so much variety I never get bored.

I have been training with Nina for…I’ve been with Nina for approximately 5 years now. I must love the workouts as I keep coming back for more!! ———————————————————————————————————————

*Feedback from Susan H.

Why I choose Nina’s Fitness…  I choose Nina’s because it’s a great workout and loads of fun.

My favourite workout…  all her circuits.

I have been training with Nina for…I have been with Nina for two years.


*Feedback from: Natasha
Why I choose Nina’s Fitness…I choose Nina because she makes working out fun! All the women I work out with are really supportive of each other and you feel welcome right away. 

My favourite workout…I love Woot Camp and Superwoman!
I have been training with Nina for…I just registered for my 3rd month with Nina and plan to keep going!
Nina's Fitness, women's fitness classes Milton Ontario

Nina’s Fitness, women’s fitness classes Milton Ontario









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